Zadní pohon 1000W, jednotka a LCD displej


Set for conversion of a bike to an electric bike with a rear drive with a power of 1000W with a 48V battery. It contains complete electrical equipment, display and control unit. All you have to do is add a battery and charger to the set.

The motor is designed for the rear forks of the frame with a width of +/- 135 mm. According to the agreement, the engine can be woven into a 20 “-29” rim and is suitable for most common bikes and scooters. The kit must be supplemented with a battery that is not included in the package. 

  • TIP:  Thanks to the high torque of a powerful engine, it is possible to ride a bike in accelerator mode. The engine is maintenance-free and, thanks to its robust design, can be significantly overloaded without damaging it. The brake disc can be mounted on the motor. The rear drive has a thread on the screw cassette.

Package contents:

  • the engine can be woven into the 20 “-29” rim according to the agreement
  • LCD sw900 display with control, which in addition to driving information, shows the current power consumption (W), battery voltage (V) and more…
  • control unit and plastic case for the controller
  • L + R brake lever with disconnector, thanks to which you can immediately take the engine out of operation
  • rotary accelerator
  • central cable harness
  • pedal assistant


The cable length:

  • display: 300 mm
  • brakes: 400 mm
  • accelerator: 400 mm
  • power cable (from the controller): 1200 mm
  • motor cable (from controller): 1200 mm
  • motor cable (from motor): 350 mm
  • main wiring harness connection: 170 mm
  • main wiring harness: 1100 mm
  • pedal sensor cable: 950 mm

The set meets the maximum speed limit of up to 25 km / h according to the valid legislation. It therefore meets the standards for road traffic in most countries. The maximum speed limit of 25 km / h can be switched off and set up to 60 km / h (off-road). 


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