Horské skládací ELEKTROKOLO – 1000W/50km/h


Mountain folding extra strong e-bike equipped with an electric set with a 1000W motor. This bike has an 18 “frame (for a person with a height of 170-185cm) . Wheel size 26″. Solid military folding frame (copy of the frame of the famous Montague Paratrooper). Hydraulic brakes with engine disconnector. Shimano Deore XT 1×10 derailleur. It manages the road, forest and larger terrain and can be easily put in a car, train or even a bus in 30s. You have a strong and fast e-bike and a classic MTB, which you will take in the trunk of a small hatchback. Maximum speed up to 50km / h, weight only 27kg. The batteries can be extended or locked. 

For comfortable rear suspension, we recommend using the Suntour SP17-NCX sprung seat and seatpost.


It will carry cargo and a trailer, possibly with solar panels for recharging while driving.

Battery 20Ah / 48V, ie 960Wh, which is enough for a range of 50-100km. Multi-stage pedaling assistance and an accelerator lever is included (you add like a moped and you don’t have to pedal).


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