FATBIKE – elektromotorka s 5000W motorem


FATBIKE powerful electric bike equipped with an electric set with a 5000W motor and a Sabvoton control unit with recuperation. This bike has a 19 “frame (for a person with a height of 175-190cm) . Wheel size 26×3.8″. 

It handles the road, forest, sand, snow and larger terrain. The front fork can be replaced with a sprung one. The photos show two variants, winter FAT tires and summer 26×2.4 “and 120mm RockShox fork. Maximum speed up to 100 km / h. The weight of the whole electric motor is only 38 kg.

For even better rear comfort suspension, we recommend using the Suntour SP17-NCX sprung seat and seatpost .

Sabvoton color display and bluotooth control unit, which allows detailed settings of various parameters, including recuperation, using a computer or mobile phone. Hydraulic brakes with engine disconnector.

Battery 20Ah / 72V, ie 1440Wh, which is enough for a range of 40-60km.

TIP:  Due to the high torque of a powerful engine, the bike rides mostly in motorcycle mode. Does not contain a pedal assistant. The engine is maintenance-free and, thanks to its robust construction, can be significantly overloaded without damaging it. There is only a unicycle at the back, so the number of gears is 1×3. 


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